Intermediate News

March 16th, 2020


Hello Intermediate Families,


During this time of uncertainty, we’d like all of our students to remember the lifeskills of cooperation and flexibility. More information will come from our school this week regarding our long term plan, but teachers are using this week to prepare to teach virtually/remotely for the next few weeks. While we get that organized, we have some suggestions for how to keep your Intermediate student busy during this week. Refer to the Weekly Work section below for ideas. If your student needs more to do, go to for more ideas!


In preparation for the next few weeks, we need ALL Intermediate families to fill out the following technology survey:


Weekly Work


All Intermediate Students

  • Science Fair Project

  • Young Authors Future Draft or Revisions of Past/Present Draft

  • READ 1 Hour a day for SSR

  • Give a book talk to your family

  • Practice your instrument for 30 minutes a day!!!

  • Hour of Code



  • Moby Max 20 minutes of Reading Skills or Math

  • Moby Max Fact Fluency (5 minutes per day)

  • Write your own comic or graphic novel

  • Math Playground

  • Finish any work from last trimester that is unfinished and in your folder!



  • Duolingo for (at least 50 XP)

  • (assignments are waiting there for you) Find “Gonzalez 2019-2020, type in class code: TX2WEH

  • Moby Max- “Fact Fluency”

  • Scholastic News Magazine reader.html– Answer questions on last page and play “Know the News” game

  • Read or listen to Part 1 of Out of the Dust by Karen Hesse on Youtube (This is our new novel)

  • Practice 3 digit by 2 digit multiplication



  • Moby Max Fact Fluency (5 minutes per day)

  • Moby Max 20 minutes of LA (choice- can be Reading Skills Literature/ Informational, Spelling, or Vocabulary)

  • Practice stories or finish lessons


Ideas for Family Learning

  • Write a group story where everyone passes around the paper and adds one sentence to the story

  • Play some new card games (21 is a great game for math, Speed is great for fluency, Spoons is great for concentration and competition)

  • Create your own board game using people in your family as characters

  • Write your own skit and then act it out

  • Conduct a literature group, where everyone reads part of a story or chapter from a chapter book and then discusses their favorite part or what they predict will happen next

  • Play Scrabble or Bananagrams to help with spelling and vocabulary

  • Create an art project or painting together

  • Have them teach you all the Personal Safety moves (Tiger Claws and Nunchucks!)

  • Create musical instruments from items around the house (set clear ground rules and time limits for this one)

  • Play Dominoes, Yahtzee, or Uno for math


If you have any questions about your child’s progress or learning level, please email your child’s teacher.


Thank you,

The Intermediate Teachers

Miss Dubitsky, Mrs. Gonzalez, and Miss Albertoni