Our Mission


The mission of the Antioch Charter Academies is to facilitate academic and personal growth of TK‐8th grade students of all socio‐economic levels and ethnic backgrounds. ACA enables 21st century students to become literate, self‐motivated, innovative, lifelong learners, and compassionate, collaborative active citizens. We nurture and support a partnership of students, teachers, families and the community; embrace individual strengths; and build upon research informed educational best practices including Montessori, multiple intelligences, brain‐compatible teaching, and multi‐age groupings with small class sizes


Our Vision


To provide a learning environment where students of all socio‐economic levels and ethnic backgrounds embrace education, exhibit compassion, and accept personal responsibility


March 10, 2020

Graduate Goal #8


Did you know most employers highly value “soft skills” when hiring new employees?  Soft skills are personality traits and behaviors. Unlike technical or “hard” skills, soft skills are not about the knowledge you possess but rather the behaviors you display in different situations.  Soft skills are qualities that allow a person to be successful in whatever they choose to do. ACAII’s Graduate Goals, newly renamed the “Code of the CHEETAHS”, list the soft skills that we hope each of our graduates master by the time they leave our program.  This is the last week to look at each of the Graduate Goals and explain how that soft skill is practiced in each level of our school.

S et and accomplish goals.

Primary: As students learn to work on their job cards, goals are set to finish the jobs on the card for each day.


Elementary: Students set goals to finish their tasks by the end of each day. Teachers use class meeting time to  reflect on their goals.They have their long term goals as to learn the concepts and move on to the next grade level .


Intermediate: Students make short term goals for work completion each week. Students make long term goals each trimester based on their self-reflection report cards. They reflect on their goals from the previous trimester.


Middle School: Students reflect on their academic and behavior progress at the end of each trimester.  They set goals for themselves for the next trimester, make plans for reaching that goal, and evaluate their progress on the previous trimester’s goals. After each Social Political Action (SPA) project, students reflect to determine if they met their goal for the project, what went well, and what could be done differently on the next project to improve the outcome. At the end of each trimester, students self-reflect on their progress towards meeting all of the graduate goals.  The teachers use the students’  self-reflections to represent progress on middle school report cards.

School Projects….


Looking for volunteers to make planter boxes for around the elementary tan bark area.  They need to be about 18”h x 18”w X really long!!!! The school will pay for materials but would love for donations of wood, dirt, weed block, tanbark to help keep the cost down.  This would be a great way to earn volunteer hours at home or at our school site.

Please let the office know if you would be willing to build or donate materials. Thank you!


Thank you to the Lopez family for cleaning up our campus this past weekend.

Walk A Thon

Walk-A-Thon packets went out last week and you should also have received an email with a link to your child’s personal fundraising page on 99Pledges. If you did not receive your packet or your fundraising link, please let Laurie Hawley know ASAP. Ask friends, family, coworkers to help support your child and our school! Post your link on social media sites for additional donations.

We still need a Course Manager and donations for goodie bags, pop-up tents, chalk, and a mister. If you can provide your time or any donations, please let a team member know! The Walk-A-Thon is only a few weeks away and we need all the help we can get to make sure the event is as successful as those we have had in previous years. The kids love this event, so let’s get together and make it the best one yet!!

Family Formal


We have already just about sold through 1/3 of our portion of allotted tickets for ACA2 with preorder and current ticket sales. Remember this was a sold-out event last year so it is important to turn your order form in ASAP or grab your tickets after school (this week Tuesday and Weds or next week Monday and Tuesday.)


If you have pre ordered your tickets they are put aside but must be paid for by March 18th or you will forfeit your tickets to the next family waiting.


All ticket sales will be over on March 20th to give the team enough time to order food etc.


Remember we also have Trophy’s and Medals for sale for our Winner’s Circle. $5 for a trophy which is great for a family name and $3 for a medal which is great for a single name.


We also have bow ties and hat clips available to go with our Kentucky Derby theme for $2 (these will only be available at the in person ticket sales and on this Facebook event page).

Overnight Fieldtrip Fundraisers

The funds raised from these fundraisers will help to lower the cost of overnight fieldtrips.


Bake Sale – Next Week 3/16-3/20

Mrs. Ave and Mrs. Connolly are holding a bake sale next week, during lunch, to raise money to offset the cost of overnight field trips. Please help by sending baked goods to the office on Monday, March 16th.  If you have a child that will be eligible to go on the next outdoor ed field trip and are worried about the cost, please help by donating baked goods to this bake sale.  Their goal is to raise $3,000 by the end of the year through various fundraisers.  They can’t do it alone, your help is needed!


March 20 Snack Bar and Lunch fundraiser for Walk a Thon

April 27-30 Bake Sale

April 30 Boondoggies Hot Dog Cart for dinner and Bake Sale at Young Authors Night



It’s that time of year again!  Time to make nominations for next year’s Family Network Board members.


If you know a parent that would be great for one of the positions below, please nominate them by writing their name and the position on a piece of paper and putting it in the “Suggestion Box” in the office. If you are unable to make it into the office, please email Sharron at


The Election will be held at the Family Network Board General Membership Meeting & Ice Cream Social on Tuesday, April 21dt at 3:15pm.


Board Positions and Job Descriptions


Chairperson (We have a nomination)


-Preside at meetings of the Family Network Board and General Membership;


-Prepare and provide agendas for General Membership and Family Network Board Meetings


-Report significant actions of the Family Network Board to the General Membership at each General Membership Meeting


-Attend all Antioch Charter Academy II functions or designate a representative from the Board;


-Be responsible for publicizing organization events and notifying the General Membership of General Membership Meetings and Board Meetings;


-Serve as Past-Chairperson Advisor, if available, for the following school year;


-Have other powers and duties as prescribed by the Family Network Board;


-Chair the bylaws team and review the bylaws and standing rules annually.


  1. b)    Co-Chairperson


-Conduct meetings in absence of the Chairperson;


-Have any other powers and duties as prescribed by the Family Network Board;


-Serve as Past-Co-Chairperson Advisor, if available, for the following school year.


  1. c)    Secretary


-Be responsible for recording, preparing, submitting, and keeping minutes of all Family Network Board and General Membership Meetings;


-Ensure minutes of each previous meeting are approved during or before the start of each subsequent meeting;


-Be responsible for accepting nominations, confirming nominations directly by email or phone call, and writing the ballot for yearly election;


-Serve as Past-Secretary Advisor, if available, for the following school year.


  1. d)    Treasurer


-Keep financial records and prepare financial reports to be given at each Family Network General Membership and Board meeting;


-Receive monies, verify monies, make deposits and disbursements, record expenditures, and balance the Family Network checkbook;


-Record a financial description of each fundraiser and each area of expenditure;


-Chair budget setting discussions at meetings;


-Have books and records available for audit at any time;


-Pay all bills as authorized by the Family Network Board;


-Secure two signatures on all checks. Any three Board members will need to be appointed authorized signers.


-Make an annual financial report to the Family Network General Membership, which includes gross receipts and disbursements for the year;


-Complete all aspects of budgeting in a timely manner;


-Process reimbursements within 14 calendar days


-Turn in any money from fundraisers within 1 week from the end date of the fundraiser.


-Make all deposits during the 1st and 3rd week of the month. If the 1st and 3rd week fall on a break, deposits will be made the week we come back.


-Serve as Past-Treasurer Advisor, if available, for the following school year.


  1. e)    School Volunteer Coordinator


-Oversee the activities of the school volunteers and volunteer teams and represent them on the Board;


-Recruit new volunteers and guide volunteers in appropriate directions;


-Train volunteers to ensure that school requirements are met;


-Plan a recognition activity for volunteers at the end of the school year, if none is planned by the school;


-Serve as Past-School Volunteer Coordinator Advisor, if available, for the following school year.


  1. f)    Fundraising Coordinator and Co-Fundraising Coordinator


-Oversee fundraising necessary to fulfill budget requirements;


-Research new fundraising ideas;


-Oversee and/or implement other fundraising strategies;


-Evaluate future financial needs and goals;


-Create fundraising plan and update it annually;


-Maintain fundraising records;


-Oversee any correspondence pertaining to fundraising;


-Work closely with the Family Network Board to make and fulfill fundraising commitments;


-Follow the procedure established by school staff for all fundraisers;


-Serve as Past-Fundraising Coordinator and Co-Fundraising Coordinator Advisor, if available, for the following school year.


  1. h)    Social Coordinator


-Arrange social events for the Family Network Board and, upon request, for the school;


-Organize events, including the purchase of supplies, setup, cleanup, decorations, handouts and so on;


-Contact Volunteer Coordinator for volunteers to assist, providing a detailed list of what is needed in advance


-Assign jobs to the volunteers and follow up on progress to ensure the tasks are completed


-Serve as Past-Social Coordinator Advisor, if available, for the following school year.

Absences & Tardies


It is extremely important that your student is in school every day, and arrives on time.  If though your student is sick, or will arrive late because of an unexpected delay, please call the office, or email your student’s classroom and office by 8amStudents who arrive after 8:15am must be walked into the office by the driver, and signed in.  All of these “rules” are in place to help keep your student safe!  Contact information is below.  Thank you!



2019/2020 Dates to Remember:


March 9-13                      Conference Week- All students 8:15-12 noon

March 17                         FNB Meeting 3:15 in room 5

March 19                         School Tour for New Applicants- Sign up at Book A Tour

March 18                         Hearing Testing Grades TK/K, 2, 5, 8

March 20                         Walk A Thon – Snack Bar- Lunch Fundraiser

March 24                         Spring Pictures

March 27                         Lunch Fundraiser-(Middle School) Pizza

April 3                              2nd Cup rm 6 after drop off

April 3                              Family Formal 5:30-7:30pm

April 6-10                         Spring Break

April 13                            Easter Monday- NO SCHOOL

April 17                            Lunch Fundraiser

April 21                            FNB Elections and Ice Cream Social

April 27-30                       Bake Sale- Overnight Fieldtrip Fundraiser

April 30                            Young Authors- Boondoggies Hot Dog Cart


2019 / 2020 Faculty




Ms. Peacock-

Mrs. Hawley-



Miss Berkich-

Mrs. Mariappan-



Miss Dubitsky-

Miss Albertoni-

Mrs. Gonzalez-



Mr. Hagan-

Mrs. McCutcheon-


Special Ed-

Mrs. Willard-


Mrs. Vela-

2019-2020 Family Network Board

Chairperson: Annu Fuentes                          
Co-Chairperson: Adriana Solorio       
Secretary: Sharron Scott                     
Treasurer: Susan Cano                                  
Volunteer Coordinator: Brandi Lopez            
Fundraising Coordinator: Maria Strock
Co-Fundraising Coordinator: Ashley Rice
Social Coordinator: Sara Wall             
Co-Social Coordinator: Jillian Broussard

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