Humanities (New Unit – Careers):
  • Vocabulary Assignment #1: due on Wednesday
  • Writing Assignment #1: rework Cover Letter & Resume, make 3 copies and be ready for Mock Interviews on Thursday.
  • Current Events Assignments #1 (2 parts): part 1 – take quiz on Careers and do a 1/2 page summary on what you learned about yourself, part 2 – download Career Development Parent Handbook & spend an hour with a parent going over it; write 1 page summary of what you learned. Both due Thursday
  • Reading & Reflections (Literature books: The Giver or The Cure); due Friday
  • CommonLit: “Math Isn’t Just for Boys”; due Friday
  • MobyMax Language: 30 minutes; due Fridays
  • Vocabulary & Literature Quizzes: Fridays
  • RJW #1 (based on literature book); due Thursday
  • Writer’s Workshop – work on portfolio, reflections, and any additional writing assignments
  • Passion Project – researching and working through requirements. Presentations during 3rd Trimester
  • In class instructions & possible additional assignments


  • Math Homework (CPM/Other) – every day
  • MobyMax and/or Khan: 45 minutes a week, due on Mondays
  • Fact Fluency: 20 minutes a week (until tested out), due on Fridays
  • Fridays: math quizzes 
  • In class instructions & possible additional assignments

Science: Space (labs, journaling, lectures, projects)

Career Project: This unit’s project is an individual one.  Each student will choose an approved career they are interested in, and will complete 10 tasks (see attachment).  Projects will be presented to the class the last week of the unit (the week of March 30th)

Internships/Job Shadow Internships will take place over 3 days (March 16, 17, & 18).  Middle School Students do not attend school on those 3 days, but go to their jobs.  Students need to have the following information by March 12th: name of business, address & phone number of business, and days/hours working.  To receive a grade for this assignment, students must turn in the filled out Internship Packet on March 19th.

EE – Big Break

  • This Friday, February 28 – EE Program at Big Break from 9:45~12pm Group C: Grace B, Ismael, Madi, Frankie, Jaeger, Jae’la, Fera, Christian, Chloe, Abigail, Jackson, Adrianna, Calvin, Haylee   Drivers: Cory Cruz and Kelley Bordges
  • Thank you to everyone who has signed up to drive. We still need drivers for future dates!  Please go to SignUp Genius, look to see which dates your student is attending, and if you see an open spot, please sign up! If we don’t have drivers, we can’t take the students!