Our Mission


The mission of the Antioch Charter Academies is to facilitate academic and personal growth of TK‐8th grade students of all socio‐economic levels and ethnic backgrounds. ACA enables 21st century students to become literate, self‐motivated, innovative, lifelong learners, and compassionate, collaborative active citizens. We nurture and support a partnership of students, teachers, families and the community; embrace individual strengths; and build upon research informed educational best practices including Montessori, multiple intelligences, brain‐compatible teaching, and multi‐age groupings with small class sizes


Our Vision


To provide a learning environment where students of all socio‐economic levels and ethnic backgrounds embrace education, exhibit compassion, and accept personal responsibility


February 25, 2020

Graduate Goal #6


Did you know most employers highly value “soft skills” when hiring new employees?  Soft skills are personality traits and behaviors. Unlike technical or “hard” skills, soft skills are not about the knowledge you possess but rather the behaviors you display in different situations.  Soft skills are qualities that allow a person to be successful in whatever they choose to do. ACAII’s Graduate Goals, newly renamed the “Code of the CHEETAHS”, list the soft skills that we hope each of our graduates master by the time they leave our program.  For the next 3 newsletters, we will look at each of the Graduate Goals and explain how that soft skill is practiced in each level of our school.

A  cquire knowledge of the world including interests and passions.

Primary: Primary students develop an interest and knowledge of the world through our being there field trip experiences where we learn about nature, animals, and our community.


Elementary:  Teachers organize field trips based on students interests.Students enjoy learning new jobs each day. They choose  Technology, Science, Cultural, Math facts and Art, to work on in the afternoon. Most of these jobs are multi-sensory and engage learners in multiple intelligences. Younger students look up to the older students and are excited to become leaders and work on more challenging concepts.


Intermediate: Students identify their strengths through a multiple intelligence survey at the beginning of the year. They learn to use those strengths in the classroom and when completing projects. Students also learn how to research a topic of their choosing and complete projects based on their area of interest. Students choose electives based on interest. Students discuss how what they’re learning in the classroom is important for their futures.

Middle School: Students get to make choices about what to do for Social Political Action projects, so that they can pick issues that they are interested in.  Teachers ask students to frequently think about why education is important for their futures. In Language Arts, students select their own books to read based on their interest.  They also read articles of the week that deal with current event topics from many different areas. When completing research-based essays students often get to choose what topics they want to research.   One of the SPA projects all middle schoolers participate in is a career unit in which they research their dream job and find out the steps needed to prepare themselves to get that job. As part of the career unit, students participate in a 3-day job shadow to experience what it is like to work in the real world.

March Lunch menu is attached.

2020-21 Lottery


The ACAII lottery for the upcoming 2020-21 school year, will be held on March 2, 2020.  If you have a student, or know of a student who would like to attend next year, an application must be filled out and put into the lottery process.


No student is automatically accepted into the school because he or she has a sibling already attending ACA.  All incoming students, including TK & Kindergarten, must submit an application by March 1st, to be included in the school’s lottery.  Applications can be filled out online at or a paper copy can be picked up in the office.

The following siblings have already filled out an application. Otero, Montgomery, Aldana-Bravo, Garcia-Hernandez

If you do not see your name please be sure to fill one out.

Did you Know?

When your student is absent you can call the office by 8:15am or email the office AND the level, not the teacher.  Please use these email address:










To all of our trimester 2 elective volunteers.  Thank you Jessica Barney, Jessica Gamble, Iva McClurg, Adriana Solorio, Brandi Lopez, and Jeanine Pells.  Special thanks to middle school elective teachers who planned a trimester’s worth of classes for their peers:  Zion Engle, Rebekah Clark, Tyler Barajas, and Elijah Shirley.  These volunteers make it possible for our students to explore many different interests!


Third Trimester volunteers needed!  Do you have one hour per week between 2 and 3 pm to lead or monitor an elective?   We have several middle school students who want to teach an outdoor sports elective on Tuesday, but they need an adult to supervise.  Roller skating is popular, and we need several people to monitor student safety and equipment.  Recent student polls show interest in soccer, board games, cooking, debate, ultimate frisbee, special effects make up, photography, and woodworking.  Third trimester electives begin March 16 and go through May 28th.  If you are willing to help out with or have questions about electives, please email  Thank you!

Volunteers Needed

Looking for volunteers to make 6 tetherball poles in cement -filled tires for students to use at recess. School will pay for metal poles, hooks, rebar, etc… Hoping to get 6 donated used tires. There are sample directions here

If you have the talent to work with cement and drill holes into metal, this would be a great way to earn volunteer hours at home or at our school site.

Please let the office know or email if you would be willing to put the poles together or if you have used tires to donate. Thank you!

Family Formal


Family Formal will be on April 3 from 5:30pm to 7:30pm. This year it will be in the Mangini Building (Red Barn building in front of the school). Order forms will be coming home this week. Please fill them out and include payment (Cash or Check). Tickets are $5 each, Trophy’s are $5 (great for a family name) and Medals are $3 (great for an individual name).


We need your help to put on this fun event. Please check it the sign up genius for opportunities to help.!/showSignUp/20f0444a9af23a5f58-family

Walk A Thon

Walk-A-Thon folders are coming home this week!! Keep a lookout for them and start soliciting donations. We’ve only got a few weeks until the big day!


Walk-A-Thon donations and volunteers still needed! Please let a Walk-A-Thon team member know if you can help us out ASAP so that we can make this event as successful as it has been in the past.

Volunteers Needed:

Course Manager – Coordinate supplies for the day of the event, verifying supplies and coordinating pick-up or delivery. Manages set-up and break-down of course.

Donations Needed:

Goodie Bag fillers – small toys/trinkets, non-perishable snacks, full-size water bottles, etc. General gifts enough for entire school (201 students) or enough for each level (Primary – 31 students. Elementary – 63 students. Intermediate – 65 students. Middle – 42 students).


Overnight Fieldtrip Fundraisers

The funds raised from these fundraisers will help to lower the cost of overnight fieldtrips.


Feb 28  Burrito Lunch

March 16-19 Bake Sale

March 20 Snack Bar and Lunch fundraiser for Walk a Thon

April 27-30 Bake Sale

April 30 Boondoggies Hot Dog Cart for dinner and Bake Sale at Young Authors Night


Absences & Tardies


It is extremely important that your student is in school every day, and arrives on time.  If though your student is sick, or will arrive late because of an unexpected delay, please call the office, or email your student’s classroom and office by 8amStudents who arrive after 8:15am must be walked into the office by the driver, and signed in.  All of these “rules” are in place to help keep your student safe!  Contact information is below.  Thank you!



2019/2020 Dates to Remember:


February 27                     School Tour for New Applicants- Sign up at Book A Tour

February 28                     Lunch Fundraiser-(Overnight Trips) Los Charros Buritto

March 2                           Lottery for 20/21 school year

March 6                           2nd Cup rm 6 after drop off

March 9-13                      Conference Week- All students 8:15-12 noon

March 17                         FNB Meeting 3:15 in room 5

March 19                         School Tour for New Applicants- Sign up at Book A Tour

March 18                         Hearing Testing Grades TK/K, 2, 5, 8

March 20                         Walk A Thon – Snack Bar- Lunch Fundraiser

March 24                         Spring Pictures

March 27                         Lunch Fundraiser-(Middle School) Pizza

April 3                              2nd Cup rm 6 after drop off

April 3                              Family Formal 5:30-7:30pm

April 6-10                         Spring Break

April 13                            Easter Monday- NO SCHOOL

April 17                            Lunch Fundraiser

April 21                            FNB Elections and Ice Cream Social

April 27-30                       Bake Sale- Overnight Fieldtrip Fundraiser

April 30                            Young Authors- Boondoggies Hot Dog Cart


2019 / 2020 Faculty




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2019-2020 Family Network Board

Chairperson: Annu Fuentes                          
Co-Chairperson: Adriana Solorio       
Secretary: Sharron Scott                     
Treasurer: Susan Cano                                  
Volunteer Coordinator: Brandi Lopez            
Fundraising Coordinator: Maria Strock
Co-Fundraising Coordinator: Ashley Rice
Social Coordinator: Sara Wall             
Co-Social Coordinator: Jillian Broussard

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