NED’s Mindset Yo-Yo’s will be sold from 3/2-3/6 in front of the office. We are selling Yo-Yo’s to pass it forward, and provide another school the NED’s Mindset assembly for free. Price ranges from $8-$15.

 Our parent-teacher conference is coming up. Here are the links for Ms.Mariappan’s class

Ms.B’s class

  Please remember to sign a slot.

Important Dates

  • March 2nd -Lottery

  • March 6th-2nd Cup

  • March 9th- 13th -Second Semester Conferences(Minimum Day)


  • March 18th -Hearing Test

  • March 18 – Volunteer Walk-A-Thon lunch forms due by NOON

  • March 20th- Walkathon

  • March 24th -Spring Pictures

  •  March 31st _Sacramento Zoo Field Trip

Updates from Family Network Board:

Family Formal will be on April 3 from 5:30 pm to 7:30 pm. This year it will be in the Mangini Building (Red Barn building in front of the school). Order forms will be coming home this week. Please fill them out and include payment (Cash or Check). Tickets are $5 each,Trophy’s are $5 (great for a family name) and Medals are $3 (great for an individual name).

We need your help to put on this fun event. Please check the sign-up genius for opportunities to help.!/showSignUp/20f0444a9af23a5f58-family

This Week’s Focus

1st Grade-Reviews of the concepts and assessments

2nd Grade-Reviews of the concepts and assessments

3rd Grade- Reviews of the concepts and assessments


A is now B  #Unit 3

B is now C Unit # 4

C is now D Unit # 4

D Unit # Green


 We are missing many student’s questionnaires for their autobiographies. This questionnaire is important because it will help students with their Young Author books. (see attachment)

Science & Cultural

Zoology, Botany, Physical Science and Europe

Did you know?

Spring is near and we want to beautify our classroom! We are looking for a handyman(s) who would be willing to build planter boxes to put outside of our building.

  • Elementary Team