Hope you all had a good break.


 Our students are in good hands. We have our stable substitutes for Mrs.Fank’s class. They know our philosophies, routines and our students. Mrs culver is joining us back as a substitute. Ms.Julie from ACA  and Mrs. Wilcox are our current substitute teachers.

Our parent-teacher conference is coming up. Here are the links for Ms.Mariappan’s class


Ms.B’s class


  Please remember to sign a slot.

Important Dates

  • February 26th, – Ned’s Mindset (whole school assembly)

  • February 24th – II Trimester Assessments starts

  • February 28th – Autobiography Questionaire  due

  • February 28th – Scholastic book order due

  • February 28th – Field trip Permission slip goes home

  • March 2nd -Lottery

  • March 9th- 13th -Second Semester Conferences(Minimum Day)

  • March 18th -Hearing Test

  • March 20th- Walkathon

  • March 24th -Spring Pictures

  •  March 31st _Sacramento Zoo Field Trip

Updates from Family Network Board:

Family Formal will be on April 3 from 5:30 pm to 7:30 pm. This year it will be in the Mangini Building (Red Barn building in front of the school). Order forms will be coming home this week. Please fill them out and include payment (Cash or Check). Tickets are $5 each,Trophy’s are $5 (great for a family name) and Medals are $3 (great for an individual name).

We need your help to put on this fun event. Please check the sign-up genius for opportunities to help.


This Week’s Focus

1st Grade-Reviews of the concepts and assessments

2nd Grade-Reviews of the concepts and assessments

3rd Grade- Reviews of the concepts and assessments


A is now B  #Unit 2 words

B is now C Unit # 3

C is now D Unit # 3

D Unit # Green


  The weather is changing and your students need to be hydrated. Please remind your students to bring their water bottles.

Science & Cultural

Zoology and Asia

Did you know?

 Already the temperature is spiking up to the mid-70s and students are forgetting to bring their water bottle. Kindly remind them to bring their water bottles.

  • Elementary Team