• Vocabulary Assignment #5: due on Wednesday
  • Writing Assignment #5: write a letter of intent/cover letter & resume; due Friday
  • Current Events Assignments #5: group project – produce a newspaper after researching assigned topic; final product due Thursday
  • Reading & Reflections (Literature book The Omnivore’s Dilemma); due Friday
  • MobyMax Language: 30 minutes; due Fridays
  • Vocabulary & Literature Quizzes: Fridays
  • RJW #7 (based on nonfiction book); due Thursday
  • Writer’s Workshop – work on portfolio and reflections
  • Passion Project – researching and working through requirements
  • In class instructions & possible additional assignments


  • Math Homework (CPM/Other) – every day
  • MobyMax and/or Khan: 45 minutes a week, due on Mondays
  • Fact Fluency: 20 minutes a week (until tested out), due on Fridays
  • Fridays: math quizzes 
  • In class instructions & possible additional assignments

Science: Nutrition (labs, journaling, lectures, projects)

Food Inc. Project: Taking feedback from practice and applying to project;  practicing presenting. Project presentation dates:  Pre 1 (2/6), Pre 2 (2/11), Regular (2/13)


EE – Big Break

  • This Friday, February 7 – EE Program at Big Break from 9:45~12pm Group B:  Christopher, Gabriel, Luis, Gage, Aaron, Sarah, Laila, Apple, Maryam, Peyton, Atticus, Carter, Manvi, Zaire    Drivers: Kristy Pope, Liz Claflin
  • Thank you to everyone who has signed up to drive. We still need drivers for future dates!  Please go to SignUp Genius, look to see which dates your student is attending, and if you see an open spot, please sign up! If we don’t have drivers, we can’t take the students! 
Other Important Information

February 3, 2020

Dear MS Parents,


When we get back from our February break we will begin our theme on Careers. In many ways this theme will be different from the other themes.  Students will work individually researching and reporting on their dream career.  They will write reports, create movies, and/or storyboards instead of PowerPoints.  They will use the letters of introduction and resumes they are writing now, to seek out internships/job shadows at businesses.  They will participate in mock interviews and work for three days (4 hours/day) instead of coming to school.

Last year students spent 3 days working at internships with businesses (see attached documents) all over town, and some out of town.  Afterwards we discussed the internships and discovered students felt it was one of the most valuable learning experiences they had in the middle school. Students also mentioned how much they learned by doing all of the work on their own. Students participate in the intern program for both of their years in middle school, during the Career unit and during the Entrepreneur unit.

It’s time to start thinking about and discussing places of business your child could approach for an internship or job shadow. It is also a good time to start discussing how your student might get to their “jobs”, and if it will be necessary for you to seek out help in this area.  Parents should allow students to do the legwork, make phone calls, meet with managers, etc. only helping if students ask for help. Students will need to complete 3 days working at internships, for 4 hours each day.  We have set aside three days for students to go to their “jobs”- March 16, 17 & 18. Students can start their internships over the weekend, if they desire to work more than 3 days.

We will brainstorm with the middle school students all the possible businesses they could approach, hoping they think of a location that excites them and connects to their career research.  We realize that they may not get their dream “internship”, so we are also seeking out any parents who may be supervisors or in a position to offer “jobs” to ACA students. Please email Mrs. Wunderly if you or someone you know would be willing to go through our process (reading a resume, conducting a mock interview, having a student work for a minimum of 4 hours/day, and filling out a short questionnaire) for an ACA student intern.

We are extremely excited to have students intern again this year.  We believe students at this age desire more information about careers and they want to work real jobs.  Marie Montessori noted this kind of behavior in her observations many, many years ago, and students have shared their desires to know more about what it is like to “work.” Our expectation is that students will at first be nervous and then will participate in one of the most meaningful experiences of their middle school career.

Having said all of this, we are also aware of how nervous and excited you, our wonderful parents, might be about this adventure.  Please know that our goal is not to make your life more difficult. Our hope is for parents to let us know if they have something to offer this program (internships, rides to internships, etc) and for all of us to work together to make this program a success.  Please feel free to contact us with your offers of help and your questions. We look forward to hearing from you.


Mrs. Heller

Mr. Stahler

Mr. Fuller

Mrs. Wunderly

Mrs. Hillyard