We are making little changes for our students who are not able to complete their jobs during worktime. Instead of coming during recess to complete their jobs, we will be sending the incomplete jobs for the week in their green folder in a separate packet.  They can complete their works during the weekend and bring it back on Monday. Their regular homework will come back on the following Friday in their green folder

Important Dates

  • Bake Sale – this week

  • February 7th, Minimum day -Dismissal @12:00

  • February 10th, No school-Teacher workday

  • February 13th, Valentine’s exchange

  • February 17th -21st –  February break

  • February 24th – Class Resumes


Valentine’s Day Exchange-Thursday February 13th

Valentine’s Day is quickly approaching! As a reminder, please do not send in goodie bags or edible treats ex: cookies and cupcakes; just bring Valentine’s. Here are the following class numbers:

All Elementary: 63

Mrs. Fank: 20

Ms. Mariappan: 21

Ms. Berkich: 22

*Please note, you do not HAVE to purchase valentine’s for all of Elementary, you may only purchase for your student(s) class.


100th-day celebration

Thank you to all the parents who sent  00 snacks for their students and put in extra effort in their clothing to make the day extra special.  Our students enjoyed grouping the snacks by 2s,5s, and 10s before they ate them. They also did a 100th-day celebration booklet.



Great news! You can now pay for hot lunch on our website! Here is the direct link:


This Week’s Focus

1st Grade-Money, Reading Informational passages, graphing, word problems and plural nouns

2nd Grade-Graphing, word problems, geometry, contractions, Adjectives into Adverbs and plurals

3rd Grade-Area and Perimeter, Associative, Distributive property,  Fractions, suffixes, key details, and dynamic multiplication


Spelling- GROUP A and D are moving up to the next level.

A is now B  #Unit 1 ld words

B is now C Unit # 2 open syllables

C is now D Unit # 2 vowel diphthongs

D Unit # Green



  The weather is changing and your students need to be hydrated. Please remind your students to bring their water bottles.


Science & Cultural

Zoology and Asia


Did you know?

Today is the last day for Mrs. Fank in ACA II. We all will miss her.  To go through the transitions smoothly, you can be supportive to us and our students by using the life skill of flexibility.

Elementary Team