Intermediate News

January 21st, 2020


We need your signature on Weekly Work Folders!

Don’t let your child fall behind! Now more than ever, it’s important that parents check their student’s weekly work folder, especially since they currently have research presentations starting on Jan. 27th. The best way to know what your student is working on and how much work they are doing is to check their folder!


Research Presentations

Research presentations for all students will be the week of January 27th. Your student will be informed of their presentation date later this week and the schedule is posted in each classroom in case they need a reminder. Presentations will take place in SSR groups between 12:45 and 2:00 Monday-Wednesday of that week and between 11:00 and 12:00 on Thursday. Parents are welcome to attend their child’s presentation. Please arrive on time (or early!) and sign into the office. Presentations should be between 3-7 minutes (5 minutes is the perfect length) and students are expected to present 3-4 of their performances.


Instrumental Music Performance is coming up!

The winter instrumental music concert is coming up on Jan. 30. All instrumental music students need to be practicing their instrument daily. Students feel more confident about this performance when they have practiced at home regularly. Please encourage your instrumental music student to practice every day!


A note from Mrs. Vela: It’s almost Winter Concert time! Since the ACA II Winter Instrumental Music Concert is this month, it is quite important that all performers remember to bring their instruments and music to school and to not miss any music lessons!! The concert is on Thursday, January 30 at John Muir School. All families, friends and other students are invited to attend. Practice at home so that you do your best!!


Alliance to Save Energy Contest

Our school has decided to participate in a free energy education program called emPowered Schools, provided by Energy Upgrade California and the Alliance to Save Energy. The aim of emPowered Schools is to educate students, their families, and their communities about what we can all do to help California meet it’s 100% renewable energy target. The program launched this spring in California and the response from students was fantastic.


1. At home, use a phone, computer, or tablet and go to

2. In the teacher’s name section use the grade chart to identify which teacher you will select. Elementary parents make sure to make your selection based on your child’s grade not which teacher’s group they are in.

  • 8th: Hagan

  • 7th: McCutcheon

  • 6th: Albertoni

  • 5th: Gonzales

  • 4th: Dubitsky

  • 3rd: Fank

  • 2nd:Mariappan

  • 1st: Berkich

  • Primary: Peacock

2. Complete questions about lighting, heating, air conditioning, and appliances.

3. If you don’t know the answer to a question, ask a parent or guardian.

4. Gather all members of your family together to review and sign the pledge.

5. Hit submit.

6. If you have children in more than one grade level submit a separate pledge for each child, they can be the exact same answers.


The class with the most will win either a doughnut party or a pizza party.


The Walk-a-thon is coming!

It is time to start planning the Walk-a-Thon, which is one of our biggest school fundraisers and a super fun day!  The Walk-a-Thon team will be having their first planning meeting after school on Thursday, January 23rd at 3:15 PM at the picnic tables near the primary/elementary playground.  Please join us and find out how you can help!


Weekly Work


All Intermediate Students

Research: Performance #4

Lifeskill: Flexibility

Social Studies: Middle Colonies

Writing: Past Rough Draft #2

Science: Energy Everywhere

STEM: What is Energy Conversion?



LA #1: Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

LA #2: Inferences

LA #3: 1- Revolutionary War on Wed

    2/3 – Because of Winn Dixie

LA MobyMax: None

Spelling/Grammar: None

Math #1: 1 – Adding Fractions

        2/3 – Add & Subtract Fractions

Math #2: 1 – Comparing Fractions

        2 – Simplifying Fractions

        3 – Simplifying Fractions

Math #3: 1 – Unit 3-2 s5

        2 – Unit 3-3

        3 – Unit 3 Review

Math MobyMax: None



LA 1:Scholastic Mag.Back Cover

LA 2:Bud, Not Buddy Ch 15 & 16 (Q & A)

LA 3: Bud, Not Buddy Constructive Response

LA Moby Max: none

Spelling:  il, ir = NOT

Grammar: Duolingo

Math 1:Problem Solving with LCMs & GCF

Math 2:Simplifying Fractions

Math 3:Post Unit Test

Math Moby Max: Fact Fluency. 20 min. total

Other: Multiplication (7s o9r 8s) OR Division Worksheet



Language Arts #1: None

Language Arts #2: Vocabulary 5-8

Language Arts #3: The Giver Ch. 5-8

LA MobyMax: None

Math #1: Integers/Absolute Value

Math #2: Least Common Multiple

Math #3: Ch. 3 Test pt. 2

Other: None

Math MobyMax: Fact Fluency (20 minutes for the week)

Spelling: (On Advanced: only need to do 1 lesson per week)

Grammar: None


Dates to Remember:

Jan 27th-30th – Research Presentations

Jan 30th – Instrumental Music Concert @ John Muir Elementary 7:00pm

Feb 10th – Teacher Work Day (No School)

Feb 17th-21st – February Break


Thank you,

The Intermediate Teachers

Miss Dubitsky, Mrs. Gonzalez, and Miss Albertoni