Gradelink is the best place to check your student’s progress and performance in middle school.  Please login to Gradelink.  You can view each class to see what work is missing (noted with MIS) and the scores students receive on graded assignments.  Blanks indicate that the teacher has not yet graded an assignment.  You can also see upcoming assignments.

Calendar Reminders:

  • Friday, December 6 – 2nd Cup Room 6
  • Saturday, December 7th – Christmas Tree Lot at ACA 12 -5, band and strings to perform (see note below)
  • Friday, December 20 – Mrs. Ave’s Annual Breakfast
  • Friday, December 20 – Minimum Day dismissal at NOON
  • Monday – Friday, December 23-January 3 – Winter Break NO SCHOOL


Message from Mrs. Ave!

Mrs. Ave’s annual Middle School Holiday breakfast party is Friday, December 20th!  I need HELP!  I’m looking for donations and volunteers the day of the event.  Please respond if you can help or are willing to donate anything on the list below.

Donations needed:

-5 dozen eggs

-2 gallons of whole milk

-2 gallons of orange juice

-1 gallon of almond milk

-1 tub of butter

-2 bottles of syrup

-2 boxes of pancake mix

-10 packs of precooked bacon from Costco



-fruit platter

-cups for hot and cold drinks


After breakfast, we plan on having our annual White Elephant gift exchange.  If your student is interested in participating, have them bring a gift limit of $15.  The gift can be bought, made or a gently used item.  Have your student bring the gift wrapped Friday (12/20) morning.

If you have any questions please feel free to reply!

8th Grade Pathways for incoming Freshmans

AUSD Pathways Information

Applications will be accepted at the AUSD Office (510 G. Street, Antioch) from November 22-December 13th.


Washington DC – Eastern Heritage Field Trip

Eastern Heritage Trip set for next May 2-9,2020.

If you have any questions about the trip or deposit, please contact Ms. McLean at

From the Family Network Board

Ornament Exchange- Our annual ornament exchange is taking place this Friday November 22nd @ 5:30 pm. It will be held at Straw Hat Pizza 6680 Lone Tree Way in Brentwood. This is an adult-only event so be sure to get a sitter. Please bring a new, wrapped ornament ($10 limit) to exchange white elephant style. The exchange will be following our general meeting.


Saturday Dec 7th, 2019 12pm-5pm

Paper Forms- cut off 11/22/19

Paypal- cut off 11/29/19

Thank you ACAII cheetah families for your tree purchases in support of our school. We are happy to announce we are EXTENDING our tree sale. Because of the success of sales and your support for our local Veterans (8 trees!), sales will continue online via paypal until Nov 29th. Fundraising team is also accepting paper order forms which have a cut off date of Nov 22nd, same day as Ornament Exchange at Straw Hat Pizza. You can bring your forms to the exchange and turn them into Maria. We’re speaking with our vendor and possibly may have wreaths available to purchase at our tree lot. If you have any unopened boxes of tree lights, ornaments, garland or board games – please bring them into the office. These items will be donated with trees to the Veterans who receive them. Tree-Lot sales support our General Fund which is used to create our yearly budget which help fund capital improvements, SPA (Middle School), College ScholarShip, Graduation, iLS and so much more. Your family’s contributions to collaboratively support all students of ACAII are graciously appreciated. CHEETAHS MAKE IT HAPPEN!


This year at our tree lot we plan on having:

*Taqueria la Soledad (tacos)- cash only

*Music Performance


*Drawing/coloring contest


*Bake sale

*50/50 raffle

*Santa Visit

*Gingerbread house activity

Gingerbread House Activity-

We are in need of donations from each age level for the Graham Cracker Gingerbread House Activity. The next time you are at the grocery store, please consider picking something up from the following list:

Total items needed:

  1. (20-25) boxes of graham crackers (Honeymaid preferred–they crumble less)
  2. (50-60) ice cream cones (the pointy waffle ones)
  3. (20) tubs of white frosting or squeezable tubes of white, red or green frosting
  4. (20-25) large packs/bags of small candies (M&M’s, Dots,candy canes, peppermints, small marshmallows, etc. Please, NO NUTS)
  5. (12) jars of sprinkles (any color)
  6. (50-75) large paper plates (thicker plates preferred)
  7. (50) small paper bowls

We will be updating this list as donations come in. ANY donation is greatly appreciated!

Bake Sale-

We are in need of baked goods for our bake sale. Baked goods are to be dropped off Dec.6 nut free and individually wrapped. We can also use:

Hot chocolate tubs


Coffee- cream/sugar

Popcorn maker

Popcorn kernels

Coffee dispensers

Please drop items off in the office now through December 5th.


We are looking for a few vendors to participate in our Christmas tree lot for a small fee. If interested please email



Parent Education Program (PEP) announcement:

Middle School Writing Night

When: Tuesday December 10th

Time: 5:15 PM

Where: Mr. Hagan’s classroom room 5

What: Come experience the essay writing process that the middle schoolers are learning. Parents will participate in a hands on demonstration of the writing curriculum to help them better support their middle schooler at home. Bring your questions and something to write with 🙂


  • Book Talk/Review schedule for trimester #2:
  •   12/19, 1/30, 3/5

Reading Journal:  (Thursday)

Journal #2

Paragraph 1: Which character in your book demonstrates stewardship?  Describe what he/she is a steward of and how they ended up having to take care of the person/place/thing.

Paragraph 2: Describe a scene in the book where the character demonstrates stewardship. Include a quote or two and describe how this is showing stewardship.

Due Friday


Article of the Week (A.O.W.):  (Tuesday)

AOW #2 School Start

Each week students will receive an article of the week (AOW) to read. Students are required to:

  1. Read the article
  2. Discuss the article with one of their parents or guardians (whoever discusses the article should also read it)
  3. Respond in writing to the questions in the google classroom assignment.

The article for this week can be found here and in the Language Arts google class.  It is also attached as a handout.

Due Thursday

Mobymax Language:  (10 minutes a day)

Students will login to MobyMax here. They will click on the “Language” button and practice for 40 minutes.


Essay Presentation:  (Practice Monday)

Students should prepare a Powerpoint/Google slides presentation on their role model essay. See Google classroom for the instructions if you lost the handout.

Due Tuesday

Social Studies:

See the attached handout for information on the Knight’s Challenge. Directions for specific parts of the challenge will be posted on Google Classroom and on the assignment itself on Gradelink.  

Prepare for the Middle school Knights Challenge!  Information and directions will go out after break.  As part of the (optional) challenge students need to complete at least 70% of their work in all classes 2nd trimester and do 5 hours of teacher approved community service.  I’m giving you a heads up about this in case there are any opportunities over break.  Let me know if you have any questions.



Please see the attached calendars for this week’s classwork, homework, and assessments.  Your student will also be given a paper version of the calendar.  Or, login to gradelink to see all math assignments.



Monday: Khan Academy Growth mindset lesson 2, due Friday

Adaptation research and written response due next week in science



Practice everyday!


“Our ACA II Experienced and Intermediate Band & String Orchestra students have been invited to perform at our Holiday Tree Fundraiser on Saturday, December 7 at Antioch Charter Academy in their multi-use room.  They will perform from about 1:30 – 3:00 pm.  Exact performance times will be announced later.  Please save December 7 to come listen, shop, snack and enjoy this special event!  There will be activities for younger students, so bring the entire family!”


***Helpful email addresses
If you need to reach Middle School or any of the teachers, please use the following email addresses: – absence notes, responses to the newsletter, general questions, contacting Mrs. Ave – Mrs. McCutcheon, science or math questions – Mr. Hagan, language arts or social studies questions


Online Resources:

School Website: – resource pages, tool kits, extra practice and tech resources – Student homework help is available ALSO – Parent resource page has tutorials so you can better help your student!! – great website for vocabulary – Search ANY math topic to watch a short video tutorial, practice activities to get better at skills.