Intermediate News

December 2nd, 2019


International Potluck

Intermediate will be holding our annual International Potluck on Friday December 20th, the last day before winter break. The International Potluck is part of our Christmas season celebration. Each student is asked to bring in a dish, labeled with the name of the dish and main ingredients, that is special to their family. It can be their favorite food, a family recipe, or special cultural recipe that they’d like to share. Students are encouraged to bring in main dishes, not desserts (which will be provided by the teachers). Parent volunteers will be needed to help serve food at the International Potluck. Please let us know if you are able to volunteer that day between 9:15 and 12:00.


Secret Santa Christmas Gift Exchange

Each year the Intermediate class does a gift exchange. Students will draw names at random for Secret Santa this week. Please make sure to talk with your Intermediate student about permission to participate! Each student will purchase a small gift for the person whose name they drew. The maximum cost should be no more than $15, which includes the price of wrapping the gift. If your student needs help with gift ideas or is unable to participate, please let us know right away. The gift exchange will take place right before the International Potluck on Friday December 20th. All students must bring their gift before or on that day.


Research Projects have begun!

Just a friendly reminder that students will be completing their planning sheet and their first page of notes for research this week. Our 2nd trimester research project is on American Landmarks. Please check in with your student about their project and have them show you their planning sheet!


From the Family Network:


Ornament Exchange- Our annual ornament exchange is taking place this Friday November 22nd @ 5:30 pm. It will be held at Straw Hat Pizza 6680 Lone Tree Way in Brentwood. This is an adult-only event so be sure to get a sitter. Please bring a new, wrapped ornament ($10 limit) to exchange white elephant style. The exchange will be following our general meeting.


TREE-LOT- Saturday Dec 7th, 2019 12pm-5pm



This year at our tree lot we plan on having:

*Taqueria la Soledad (tacos)- cash only

*Music Performance


*Drawing/coloring contest


*Bake sale

*50/50 raffle

*Santa Visit

*Gingerbread house activity


Gingerbread House Activity-

We are in need of donations from each age level for the Graham Cracker Gingerbread House Activity. The next time you are at the grocery store, please consider picking something up from the following list:


Total items needed:


a. (20-25) boxes of graham crackers (Honeymaid preferred–they crumble less)


b. (50-60) ice cream cones (the pointy waffle ones)


c. (20) tubs of white frosting or squeezable tubes of white,


red or green frosting


d. (20-25) large packs/bags of small candies (M&M’s, Dots,candy canes, peppermints, small marshmallows, etc. Please, NO NUTS)


e. (12) jars of sprinkles (any color)


f. (50-75) large paper plates (thicker plates preferred)


g. (50) small paper bowls


 We will be updating this list as donations come in. ANY donation is greatly appreciated! 🤗❤


Bake Sale-

We are in need of baked goods for our bake sale. Baked goods are to be dropped off Dec.6 nut free and individually wrapped. We can also use:


Hot chocolate tubs


Coffee- cream/sugar

Pop corn maker

Pop corn kernals

Coffee dispensers


Please drop items off in the office now through December 5th.



We are looking for a few vendors to participate in our Christmas tree lot for a small fee. If interested please email


A note from Mrs. Vela

Our ACA II Experienced and Intermediate Band & String Orchestra students have been invited to perform at our Holiday Tree Fundraiser on Saturday, December 7 at Antioch Charter Academy in their multi-use room. They will perform from about 1:30 – 3:00 pm.  Exact performance times will be announced later. Please save December 7 to come listen, shop, snack and enjoy this special event!   There will be activities for younger students, so bring the entire family!


Instrumental Music students should be practicing at home!

A friendly reminder for all students in instrumental music: you need to practice your instrument as much as possible! This helps you become a better musician! Please schedule time in your week to practice. All instruments must be taken home from school everyday for students to practice. Please do not leave your instrument at school overnight.


Hour of Code Week!

Next week is Hour of Code Week! Hour of Code week is designed to bring awareness to computer science and computer coding. created the event in 2013 to give students everywhere a way to try computer coding. ACA II has participated in Hour of Code since the very first one in December of 2013. In Intermediate, students spend their writing classes in December writing code on Hour of Code is not just for the kids! Beginning coders of all ages can try their hand at computer coding using the games and activities on the website. Try for yourself at!


Weekly Work

Students received their Weekly Work folders this week. Inside those folders you will find all of their assignments. We will also include the assignments each week in the newsletter just in case.


All Intermediate Students

Research: Planning Sheet/Notes #1

Lifeskill: Curiosity

Social Studies: Latitude & Longitude Pt. 2

Writing: Hour of Code #1

Science: Water Cycle

STEM: Area & Perimeter



LA #1: Scholastic News

LA #2: Complete/Simple Subject

LA #3: 1- Revolutionary War on Wed

    2/3 – Because of Winn Dixie

LA MobyMax: Order Adjectives

Spelling/Grammar: Unit 9

Math #1: Cloud 9 Word Problems

Math #2: Unit 5-2

Math #3: 1 – Unit 2-4

        2 – Unit 2 Review/Test

        3 – Unit 3-1 s5

Math MobyMax: Triangles



LA 1: Bud, Not Buddy

LA 2: Maria…Finding Evidence

LA 3: This Calls for Details

LA Moby Max: VerbTenses and Sequence

Spelling: Powers of Ten Review

Grammar:  articles

Math 1: What Sickness …?(multiplication)

Math 2: Multiply Fractions and Wholes

Math 3: Cafeteria Problems (Fractions)

Math Moby Max: Fact Fluency. 20 min. total

Other: LA-What Doesn’t Belong?



Language Arts #1: Essay Outline

Language Arts #2: Intro Paragraph

Language Arts #3: Revise

LA MobyMax: None

Math #1: Web

Math #2: Web Practice

Math #3: Ratios

Other: Ratios Practice

Math MobyMax: Fact Fluency (20 minutes for the week)

Spelling: x2

Grammar: None


Dates to Remember:

Dec 6th – 2nd Cup of Coffee

Dec 7th – Christmas Tree Lot

Dec 20th – Minimum Day & Secret Santa/International Potluck

Dec 21st-Jan 5th – Winter Break


Thank you,

The Intermediate Teachers

Miss Dubitsky, Mrs. Gonzalez, and Miss Albertoni