Gradelink is the best place to check your student’s progress and performance in middle school.  Please login to Gradelink.  You can view each class to see what work is missing (noted with MIS) and the scores students receive on graded assignments.  Blanks indicate that the teacher has not yet graded an assignment.  You can also see upcoming assignments.

This is the last week of Trimester 1.  Report card conferences are next week.  Requests have already been sent out for specific students who the teachers would like to have parent-teacher-student conferences with.  If you did not get an email requesting you to sign up for a conference, you may still choose to have a conference.  Sign up for a time at  Report cards will be sent home for parent signature next week for students who do not have a conference.


Calendar Reminders:

  • Friday, November 15 – Minimum Day dismissal at NOON
  • Monday – Friday, November 18-22 – Minimum Day dismissal at NOON
  • Monday – Friday, November 25-29 – Thanksgiving Break

***8th Grade Pathways for Anitoch


Antioch Unified School District will be holding two Pathway Parent Information nights for parents of 8th grade students who will be Freshmen in the 2020-2021 school year. Students are encouraged to attend this informational night. The dates are as follows:

Tuesday November 19, 2019
Antioch High School
Large gym
5:30-7:00 pm

Thursday November 21, 2019
Deer Valley High School
North gym
5:30-7:00 pm

SPA Group Announcements

Hello ACAII families, the anti-discrimination group of middle school is having snack sale through THIS WEEK. The money that we receive will go to an organization called IMADR (The International Movement Against All Forms of Discrimination and Racism) Some of the snacks that we will have are: Chips, water, caprisuns, popcorn, cookies, and brownies the cost will range at $1 to $3. The sale will take place at lunch and recess and after school everyday.


Dear parents of ACA II, the middle school SPA environment group is raising money to donate to the Nature Conservancy. We will be selling metal straws, T-shirts, and Origami turtles and will gratefully accept any donations. If you would like to prepare nature or environment themed treats we will also be selling the items we get. Our sale is on the week of Halloween starting Monday, October 28th and lasting while supplies are still available. The prices will be ranged from around $0.50 to $15 We are selling shirts in these sizes…. Adult small, Adult Medium, and Youth small. The sale is available for elementary, intermediate,and middle school.Thank You.


You can also just buy anything you want

Straws:  $1.50

T-shirts:  $10.00

Origami turtles:  $0.50

Super:  2 Straws FREE Straw Cleaner = $3.00

Extreme:  1 T-Shirts +1 straw + 1 origami turtle + FREE straw cleaner = $15.00


Middle School SPA Environment group


Washington DC – Eastern Heritage Field Trip

Here is the latest information about the Eastern Heritage Trip set for next May 2-9,2020.

This is for 4th-8th grade students and families.  If you have a child in a lower grade you can see what to expect.

Attached to this email you will find a flyer that has the price, itinerary, and other information.

The last page of the flyer is the deposit form to fill out and return.

Deposits of $200 per traveler are due on or by December 1, 2019.

Deposits can be made in cash, check,or credit card.  Deposits can be turned into the ACA and ACAII school offices or directly to Ms. McLean.

If you have any questions about the trip or deposit, please contact Ms. McLean at


DAR American History Essay Contest for 5th-8th Graders


The 5th, 6th, 7th, and 8th graders are invited to participate in the annual Daughters of the American Revolution American History Essay Contest.


First place in each grade receives a medal and $50.

Second and Third place in each grade receive $25.


The deadline for having the essay emailed to me is November 14th.


Below is a link to a google drive folder where I have placed all the information for the essay contest.


I will also be holding after school support days at ACA where I will be available to guide students with their research and writing.


After school support days:

Tues,  Nov 12 from 3:00-4:00


All questions and finished essays can be emailed to me at


Thanks so much,

Ms. McLean


HET THEME:  First trimester is drawing to a close and students are finishing up their community SPA projects.  This week students start a small group project for our new theme: stewardship.  To learn about stewardship, each group will be a travel company that researches and plans an ecotour to an ecosystem somewhere around the globe.  This week, students will choose an ecosystem for their group to research from a list available.



During the week we focus on certain assignments on certain days.  So I’m adding the focus day to the assignment list below.  This way you will know when we are concentrating on a given assignment during the  week.  I suggest completing that assignment on the day we focus on it.  The focus days will be listed (like this) next to each assignment.  If you have any questions please let me know. – Mr. Hagan 


  • Book Talk/Review schedule:
  • Final day for book talks/reviews this Thursday!


Article of the Week (A.O.W.):  (Tuesday)

AOW #12 Paid College Athletes

Each week students will receive an article of the week (AOW) to read. Students are required to:

  1. Read the article
  2. Discuss the article with one of their parents or guardians (whoever discusses the article should also read it)
  3. Respond in writing to the questions in the google classroom assignment.

The article for this week can be found here and in the Language Arts google class.  It is also attached as a handout.

Due Thursday

Mobymax Language:  (10 minutes a day)

Students will login to MobyMax here. They will click on the “Language” button and practice for 30 minutes.

Vocabulary:  (Wednesday)

Define each of the following words and note the part of speech.  Then either create an illustration of how you picture the meaning of your words or write a sentence using the word correctly.   If you choose to draw pictures, they should be done on a separate piece of paper with 4 on one side and 2 on the back. Each week I will provide a few vocabulary words.  You need to select the rest of the words from your independent reading book.

  1. antonym
  2. intent (N.)
  3. contradict
  4. justify
  5. context
  6. (your choice)

Example of definition:

King (N.):

A man or boy who rules as a monarch over an independent state

Due Friday

Essay Presentation:

Students should prepare a Powerpoint/Google slides presentation on their role model essay. See the attached information for complete instructions and rubric.

Due 12/3

Social Studies:



Please see the attached calendars for this week’s classwork, homework, and assessments.  Your student will also be given a paper version of the calendar.  Or, login to gradelink to see all math assignments.



Last week, we started a new unit about Biological Unity and Diversity.  This week students will be studying how populations of organisms change over time in response to changes in the environment.  Homework is on google classroom and gradelink, a reading response about Mutation and Disease.


Practice everyday!

“Our ACA II Experienced and Intermediate Band & String Orchestra students have been invited to perform at our Holiday Tree Fundraiser on Saturday, December 7 at Antioch Charter Academy in their multi-use room.  They will perform from about 1:30 – 3:00 pm.  Exact performance times will be announced later.  Please save December 7 to come listen, shop, snack and enjoy this special event!  There will be activities for younger students, so bring the entire family!”


***Helpful email addresses
If you need to reach Middle School or any of the teachers, please use the following email addresses: – absence notes, responses to the newsletter, general questions, contacting Mrs. Ave – Mrs. McCutcheon, science or math questions – Mr. Hagan, language arts or social studies questions


Online Resources:

School Website: – resource pages, tool kits, extra practice and tech resources – Student homework help is available ALSO – Parent resource page has tutorials so you can better help your student!! – great website for vocabulary – Search ANY math topic to watch a short video tutorial, practice activities to get better at skills.