Week #1 Renaissance: Week 1 of Unit

Study trip tomorrow – see below


  • Vocabulary Assignment #1: due on Wednesday
  • Writing Assignment #1: write 3 paragraphs using the prompts provided, after watching the in class movie on the Renaissance; due on Friday
  • Current Events Assignments #1: write a summary on a Newsela article; due on Thursday
  • Reflections & Golden Lines (based on Literature book “Vanishing Point); due Thursday
  • RJW #7 (based on free choice book); due Friday
  • Writer’s Workshop – work on portfolio
  • Passion Project – researching and working through requirements
  • In class instructions & possible additional assignments


  • Math Homework (CPM/Other) – every day
  • MobyMax and/or Khan: 45 minutes a week, due on Mondays
  • Fact Fluency: 20 minutes a week (until tested out), due on Fridays
  • Fridays: math quizzes (none this week)
  • In class instructions & possible additional assignments

Renaissance Project: students chose their topics and project partners (see below). They should be researching their topic, dividing up jobs, and meeting together.

Science: Reflections on Force & Motion Unit, including Egg Drop Results

EE – Big Break

  • This Friday, October 18 – EE Program at Big Break from 9:45~12pm –  Group C: Grace B, Ismael, Madi, Frankie, Jaeger, Jae’la, Fera, Christian, Chloe, Abigail, Jackson, Adrianna, Calvin, Haylee. Drivers: Jamari Surney & Cory Cruz
  • We still need drivers for future dates!  Please go to SignUp Genius, look to see which dates your student is attending, and if you see an open spot, please sign up! If we don’t have drivers, we can’t take the students!    https://www.signupgenius.com/go/20f0f45a4aa28a1fe3-bigbreak 
Other Important Information:
  • Tomorrow (Wednesday) October 16th 8:50~2:30pm study trip to Mondavi Center/UC Davis to hear NASA Astronaut Terry Virts give his presentation, “A View From Above”.  Afterwards, we will have a short walk around UC Davis, then eat our sack lunches (send sack lunch). This trip will tie into our next humanities & science units. Thank you to Mrs. MacCallister, Mrs. Kaifi, Mrs. Cruz, Mr. Bordges, Mrs. Carrillo, and Mrs. Moon for driving. Drivers, please be here by 8:40am.
Calvin, Maryam, IsmaelProtestant Reformation: Martin Luther, John Calvin, William Tyndale
Jae’la, Asya, AtticusRulers: Medici Family, Elizabeth I, Henry VIII
Rossy, Haylee, ChristopherRulers: Charles V, Charles VIII, Suleiman, Ferdindand & Isabella
Hailey, Emily, AbigailPhilosophy: Humanism, Erasmus, Machiavellli, Moore, Bacon
Adrian, Jackson, ChristianCounter Reformation – Caholic Church
Sarah, Kianna, Grace BTrade: Silk Road, Colonization, Columbian Exchange
Apple, MadiScience & Math: Copernicus, Galileo, Paracelsus, Kepler, Newton
Cassidy, Laila, ChloeWomen’s Lit: Askew, Cary, Lanyer, Moulsworth, Wroth, Elizabeth I
Fera, Frankie, AdriannaMen’s Lit: Sydney, Shakespeare, Marlowe, Spenser, Petrarch, Alighieri
Noah, Jason, LeiaArtist & Art: da Vinci, Ghiberti, Botticelli, Verrocchio
Jaegar, Luis, ZaireArtist & Art: Michelangelo, Raphail, Titian, Giorgione
Manvi, Peyton, JeremyArchitecture: Brunelleschi, Sinan, di Bondone
Gage, Gabriel, ReaganInventions & Inventors (Renaissance); Gutenberg
Carter, Zion, AaronExploration: Columbus, da Gama, Cabot, Vespucci, Magellan
Grace S.World Religions