Intermediate News

October 15th, 2019


Cal Academy of Sciences Permission Slip –  Due Friday!

Intermediate will be visiting the California Academy of Sciences in November. Permission slips for that field trip are due this Friday! If you are interested in chaperoning, please make sure that your insurance and DMV record is turned into the office at least one week before the trip. This helps ensure that all of our drivers are cleared to drive before the day of the field trip. If your child needs a scholarship or you would like an extension on the donation, please write that on the permission slip and turn it in by the due date. We are unable to make accommodations for students who turn in their permission slip late!


Research Presentations are the Week of October 21st (That’s next week!)

Research presentations for all students will be the week of October 21st. Presentations will take place in SSR groups between 12:45 and 2:00 Monday-Thursday of that week. Parents are welcome to attend their child’s presentation. Please arrive before 12:45 and sign into the office. Presentations should be between 5-7 minutes and students are expected to present 3-4 of their performances.


Halloween Party Tuesday Oct. 31

Intermediate’s Halloween Party will be on Thursday October 31st from 10:00-12:00. The party is being organized by the Halloween Party Committee. We will need a few parent volunteers the day of the party to help with supervising food and games. If you would like to volunteer that day, please let Miss Dubitsky know.


Halloween Costume Reminders

Students are allowed to wear Halloween costumes to the Halloween Party on the 31st. Please remember that all school dress code rules apply to costumes. In addition, students may not wear masks that cover any portion of their face or costumes with excessive gore. Students should be able to walk and move around normally in their costume. Weapon accessories are also banned from the Halloween Party and should not be brought to school.



As you may have noticed, the Intermediate teachers are beginning to experiment with using gradelink as an online grading system. Each teacher is using the system in their own way as we get comfortable with it. You may notice grades popping up for certain classes or whole class emails being sent from the system. Please make sure that your student’s information is current in our system! We will continue to update you as we use Gradelink more.


Instrumental Music students should be practicing at home!

A friendly reminder for all students in instrumental music: you need to practice your instrument as much as possible! This helps you become a better musician! Please schedule time in your week to practice. All instruments must be taken home from school everyday for students to practice. Please do not leave your instrument at school overnight.


Weekly Work

Students received their Weekly Work folders this week. Inside those folders you will find all of their assignments. We will also include the assignments each week in the newsletter just in case.


All Intermediate Students

Research: Performance #4

Lifeskill: Responsibility

Social Studies: American Indians

Writing: Color Coded Letter

Science: Food Webs #2

STEM: Coordinates



LA #1: Why Leaves Change Color

LA #2:Commas

LA #3: Native American Homes

LA MobyMax: None

Spelling/Grammar: Autumn Word Search

Math #1: Math Salamander Problems

Math #2: 1 – Thousands Card

        2 – Green Prob Solving Cards (6)

        3 – Problem Solving Drawer C

Math #3: 1 – Unit 1-3s1

        2 – Unit 1-3s4

        3 – Unit 2-1

Math MobyMax: None



LA 1: Inferences #6

LA 2: Scholastic- Review and Graph

LA 3: Opinion Writing

LA Moby Max: Coordinating Conjunctions


Spelling: Together

Grammar:  Coordinating Conjunctions

Math 1: Money and Fractions

Math 2: Comparing Fractions

Math 3: More Adding Fractions

Math Moby Max: Fact Fluency

Other:  Inference #5 Test



Language Arts #1: Bud, Not Buddy Ch. 13-16

Language Arts #2:Vocabulary

Language Arts #3: Comprehension Questions

LA MobyMax: None

Math #1: Review (Area and Perimeter)

Math #2: 2.3.1

Math #3: 2.3.2

Other: None

Math MobyMax: Fact Fluency (20 minutes for the week)

Spelling: x2


Dates to Remember:

Oct 16th – DC Trip Info Night @ ACA 6:00pm

Oct 31st – Halloween Party (Minimum Day)

Nov 1st – Adjusted Minimum Day (9:15am-2:00pm)


Thank you,

The Intermediate Teachers

Miss Dubitsky, Mrs. Gonzalez, and Miss Albertoni