OCTOBER 3rd: DRIVERS/CHAPERONES and STUDENTS PLEASE ARRIVE BY 7:50…WE NEED TO DRIVE AWAY AT 8:00 AM for our field trip to Chabot Space and Science Center
Gradelink is the best place to check your student’s progress and performance in middle school.  Please login to Gradelink.  You can view each class to see what work is missing (noted with MIS) and the scores students received on graded assignments.  Blanks indicate that the teacher has not yet graded an assignment.  You can also see upcoming assignments.  
Calendar Reminders:
  • Thursday, October 3 – Chabot Field Trip (wear comfortable shoes) PLEASE ARRIVE BY 7:50…WE NEED TO DRIVE AWAY AT 8:00 AM
  • Friday, October 4 – 2nd Cup of Coffee Room 6
  • Friday, October 4 – Coastal Clean Up 1:00pm – 1:45pm
  • Monday – Friday, October 7 – 11 – October Break NO SCHOOL
  • Monday, October 14 – NO SCHOOL
  • Tuesday, October 15 – 8th Grade Girls Empowerment Field Trip
  • Tuesday, October 15 – Make Up Pictures
  • Tuesday, October 15 – Pasta Fundraiser Due
  • Wednesday, October 16 – DC Field Trip Info night at ACA
The information night for our Eastern Heritage Trip will be held on Wednesday, October 16th, at 6:00 pm at ACA.

You will be able to hear all about the trip that is scheduled for May of 2020.  All ACA and ACA II parents are invited to hear about the trip.
This year’s trip is open to all Intermediate and Middle School students and their families.  Elementary students will be able to attend the trip in 2023, and Primary students will be able to attend the trip in 2026.
There will be flyers with all the dates, prices, and trip itinerary available.  Also, there will be registration forms available for any student that plans on going on the trip this May.
This truly is an amazing trip and experience, and we hope to see you at ACA  to hear all about it.
DAR American History Essay Contest for 5th-8th Graders
The 5th, 6th, 7th, and 8th graders are invited to participate in the annual Daughters of the American Revolution American History Essay Contest.
First place in each grade receives a medal and $50.
Second and Third place in each grade receive $25.
The deadline for having the essay emailed to me is November 14th.
Below is a link to a google drive folder where I have placed all the information for the essay contest.
I will also be holding after school support days at ACA where I will be available to guide students with their research and writing.
After school support days:

Thurs, Oct 3 from 3:00-4:00
Thurs, Oct 17 from 3:00-4:00
Thurs, Oct 24 from 3:00-4:00
Thurs, Nov 7 from 3:00-4:00
Tues,  Nov 12 from 3:00-4:00
All questions and finished essays can be emailed to me at
Thanks so much,
Ms. McLean
HET THEME:  Our theme for first trimester is Community.  Students have picked projects to help an issue that they care about.    One group is going to have a canned food drive, one group is going to make a video to educate people about discrimination, and one group is going to make a video to raise awareness of protecting the environment as they sell products to raise money for Nature Conservatory.

During the week we focus on certain assignments on certain days.  So I’m adding the focus day to the assignment list below.  This way you will know when we are concentrating on a given assignment during the  week.  I suggest completing that assignment on the day we focus on it.  The focus days will be listed (like this) next to each assignment.  If you have any questions please let me know. – Mr. Hagan 

Reading:  (Thursday)

Journal #3
If you had to be one of the characters in your novel who would it be? Write a paragraph explaining your reasons with some examples from your book.
Book Talk/Review schedule:        second 10/17, third 11/14
Writing:  (Wednesday)
1st Essay conclusion paragraph rough draft.Conclusions should do the following:
  • Stress the importance of the thesis statement,
  • Give the essay a sense of completeness, and
  • Leave a final impression on the reader.
See the attached help sheet
Due Friday
Article of the Week (A.O.W.):  Monday
AOW #7 Mansa Musa
Each week students will receive an article of the week (AOW) to read. Students are required to:

1. Read the article
2. Discuss the article with one of their parents or guardians (whoever discusses the article should also read it)
3. Respond in writing to the questions in the google classroom assignment.

The article for this week can be found here and in the Language Arts google class.  It is also attached as a handout.
Due Thursday
Mobymax Language:  (10 minutes a day)
Students will login to MobyMax here. They will click on the “Language” button and practice for 40 minutes.
Social Studies:
Please see the attached calendars for this week’s classwork, homework, and assessments.  Your student will also be given a paper version of the calendar.  Or, login to gradelink to see all math assignments.  
Gravity simulator activity will be done in class; unfinished work will be homework
Practice everyday!

***Helpful email addresses
If you need to reach Middle School or any of the teachers, please use the following email addresses: – absence notes, responses to the newsletter, general questions, contacting Mrs. Ave – Mrs. McCutcheon, science or math questions – Mr. Hagan, language arts or social studies questions
Online Resources:

School Website: – resource pages, tool kits, extra practice and tech resources – Student homework help is available ALSO – Parent resource page has tutorials so you can better help your student!! – great website for vocabulary – Search ANY math topic to watch a short video tutorial, practice activities to get better at skills.