Intermediate News

September 16th, 2019


Wednesday and Thursday are minimum days!

Please remember that all students have minimum days on Wednesday and Thursday. Minimum day dismissal is at noon!


Sign the Green Folder!

Just a reminder: please review and sign your student’s weekly work in their green folder each weekend! Inside the folder is the work they did for the week and what work they still have to do. There are also notes in there from the teachers! It is important to review your student’s folder with them every week!


Research Projects

Research projects are underway! Please check in with your student about their progress on their project. This week their first performance is due. This should be their word performance, especially if they are in 4th grade! If this is your student’s first research project and you missed the presentation at Back to School Night, please come in one day after school to look at the samples we have. Presentations will be the week of October 21st.


Instrumental Music Update

Our instrumental music teacher, Mrs. Sharon Vela, has a few thoughts for parents and students, as she continues to heal from a broken ankle/foot.  She plans to return to school on Monday, September 23.and is anxious to hear the students play for her!!


1. She will have a schedule to meet with all Beginning Instrumental Students at least once next week.  Watch for notes home or emails during the next two weeks

2. All students need to practice regularly at home on any of their music to maintain and improve their skills.

3 .She is encouraging her string instrument players to contact the phone number on the Antioch Strolling Strings information card and to attend their first meeting on September 24 or October 1.   Practice the Swallowtail song!.  It’s a fun, educational group!!

4. Remember that Friday is the night for Experienced Band & Strings (optional)  to join the Deer Valley High School football band.  Check the schedule and take the 3 songs.   Play whatever they can, even if it is just one song.   It will be a special experience!!

5. Playing a musical instrument will become a lifelong joy as the players improve and join other musicians in bands and orchestras!   Now is the time to continue and develop their musical talents!!

6. You may contact her at with thoughts and questions.  She appreciates parental support of instrumental music at ACA II.


Microwaves at lunch

Please continue to assist us in implementing our new policy- no microwaves at lunch.

We know that, for years, intermediate students were allowed to microwave their lunches  in the classroom because there was always adult supervision. These days, the intermediate teachers have more responsibilities outside their classrooms at lunch and aren’t always able to supervise. In the interest of student safety, we started suggesting “no microwaving” last year and have  fully implemented it this year. The students have been told in their small class meetings and whole group meetings that there is no microwaving allowed. Thank you for all the support we’ve seen since we announced it at Back-to- School Night.


Scholastic Book Orders

Our first scholastic book order form will be going home in student mailboxes this week. Please remember that we are doing online orders only. Orders are due by Friday October 4th.


You can order online at, where you’ll find a wide selection of quality children’s books that are just right for your child’s reading level and interests. Remember, you help our class earn FREE Books and supplies with every order. Thank you for supporting your child’s reading both at home and in the classroom!


First Time Ordering Online?

  • Go to

  • Enter our one-time Class Activation Code: PTZ2W

  • Shop and submit your child’s book order.

  • Your books will be delivered directly to the classroom.


Weekly Work

Students received their Weekly Work folders this week. Inside those folders you will find all of their assignments. We will also include the assignments each week in the newsletter just in case.


All Intermediate Students

Research: Performance #1

Lifeskill: Caring

Social Studies: Wide Open Spaces

Writing: Paragraph Rubric

Science: Photosynthesis

STEM: None



LA #1: SRA

LA #2: Fix the Sentence

LA #3: V & V

LA MobyMax: Sentences

Spelling/Grammar: Unit 2

Math #1: Numbers and Operations Card

Math #2: Skip Counting

Math #3: 1 – Unit 1-1s5

        2 – Unit 1-2s1

        3 – Unit 1-3s2

Math MobyMax: Place Value



LA 1: last week’s

LA 2: Prewrite- Opinion Writing

LA 3: Hyperboles

LA Moby Max: Volume

Spelling: “-Re”

Grammar:  Forms of “to be” verbs

Math 1: “Smaller Boxes” & Volume worksheet

Math 2: Volume of Rectangular Prism

Math 3: Order of Operations

Math Moby Max: Verb Subject Agreement

Other:  Pass 2 mult. Tests or fact sheet



Language Arts #1: Bud, Not Buddy Ch. 1-4

Language Arts #2: Describing Bud

Language Arts #3: Comprehension Questions

LA MobyMax: Setting (BNB)

Math #1: 1.2.4 (Part 1)

Math #2: 1.2.4 (Part 2)

Math #3: Ch. 1 Review

Other: Ch. 1 Test

Math MobyMax: Fact Fluency (20 minutes for the week)

Spelling: x2


Dates to Remember:

Sept 18th-19th – Minimum Days

Sept 20th – Pizza Lunch Fundraiser

Oct 4th – Scholastic Book Order Due

Oct 4th – Coastal Cleanup

Oct 7th-11th – October Break