Intermediate News

September 4th, 2019

Sign the Green Folder!

Just a reminder: please review and sign your student’s weekly work in their green folder each weekend! Inside the folder is the work they did for the week and what work they still have to do. There are also notes in there from the teachers! It is important to review your student’s folder with them every week!

Research Projects

Research projects are underway! Please check in with your student about their progress on their project. This week their planning and first page of notes are due. If this is your student’s first research project and you missed the presentation at Back to School Night, please come in one day after school to look at the samples we have. Presentations will be the week of October 21st.


Electives began last week. If your child did not get into an elective that you sent a donation for, those donations will be returned. Please ask your child to check their mailbox if you did not receive your returned payment.

Microwaves at lunch

Please continue to assist us in implementing our new policy- no microwaves at lunch.

We know that, for years, intermediate students were allowed to microwave their lunches  in the classroom because there was always adult supervision. These days, the intermediate teachers have more responsibilities outside their classrooms at lunch and aren’t always able to supervise. In the interest of student safety, we started suggesting “no microwaving” last year and have  fully implemented it this year. The students have been told in their small class meetings and whole group meetings that there is no microwaving allowed. Thank you for all the support we’ve seen since we announced it at Back-to- School Night.

A note about Instrumental Music

Hello parents,

Our Instrumental Music Teacher, Mrs. Sharon Vela, thanks you for signing up your son or daughter to study instrumental music at  our school. She requests your help in encouraging your student in Intermediate and Experienced Band and String Orchestra classes to practice daily at home (even 20 minutes helps) while they have substitutes for their classes as Mrs. Vela heals from a broken ankle! Those who signed up for beginning an instrument will start upon her return.

She loves teaching at ACA II and is anxious to return to a regular schedule of classes.  The students have plenty of time to prepare for a quality Winter Concert in late January as long as regular practice occurs at home and they attend all of their lessons at school with their instrument and books. Let the substitute know of any problems or you may send notes to Mrs. Vela at

We are proud of our Instrumental Music  Program at ACA II  and we ask for your assistance in helping the students to improve on their skills which results in a lifelong love of music!!

Weekly Work

Students received their Weekly Work folders this week. Inside those folders you will find all of their assignments. We will also include the assignments each week in the newsletter just in case.

All Intermediate Students

Research: Planning Sheet/Notes 1

Lifeskill: Friendship

Social Studies: American Indians

Writing: Intro to Color Coding

Science: Ecosystems Part 2

STEM: 2D Shapes


LA #1: Find the Genre

LA #2: One the Case

LA #3: 1 – Green Quickie Story

           2 – Pink Quickie Story

           3 – Orange Quickie Story

LA MobyMax: Capitals

Spelling/Grammar: None

Math #1: Thousand Cards

Math #2: Mixed Practice C

Math #3: 1 – Unit 1-1

        2 – Unit 1-1s4

        3 – Unit 1-2s1

Math MobyMax: None


LA 1: Colored Research Card

LA 2: Metaphor and Simile

LA 3: Scholastic Mag. Review and Graph

LA MobyMax: none

Spelling: Roots- Lesson 3- Super

Grammar: Verbs

Math 1: Product Game

Math 2: Fact Connection

Math 3: none

Math MobyMax: none

Other:  Multiplication Flash Cards and 2 quick tests


Language Arts #1: Scholastic News

Language Arts #2: Free Write

Language Arts #3: None

LA MobyMax: Pronouns

Math #1: Book Hunt

Math #2: 1.1.1

Math #3: 1.1.2

Other: None

Spelling: x2

Math MobyMax: Place Value

Dates to Remember:

Sept 6th – 2nd Cup of Coffee

Sept 10th – Picture Day

October 7th-11th – October Break