Intermediate News

August 26th, 2019


Back to School Night Packets Due Friday!

Thank you to all of the parents who came to our Back to School Night last week. If you weren’t able to make it, the Powerpoint is attached and will be available on our website. Everyone should have received a packet with your child’s CAASPP scores from last year, Independent Study forms to sign, and Intermediate forms to sign. If you did not come to Back to School Night, the packet went home with your student today. Please return signed materials by Friday.


Look for the Personal Safety Letter!

This year’s Personal Safety letter and belt program sign up went home today and must return to school by this Friday. All students who want to participate in the belt program must have this form signed by a parent!


Electives begin this week!

All students have been placed in electives and will begin going to classes this week. If your child did not get into an elective that you sent in a donation for, your donation will be returned to you within the next two weeks.


Research project choices went home today!

This week students will need to decide on their top three choices for research projects. Please help your student make informed choices about who they would like to choose for their research projects. All research project choice forms must be turned in by the end of the day on Thursday! Please remind them to put their name on it!


Snack in Intermediate

A reminder for new parents and seasoned veteran parents alike, students in Intermediate are expected to bring their own snack to school. Please remember that students are expected to bring a healthy snack (no chips or cookies please!) and will be invited to eat snack between 9:00am and 11:00am every morning.


Dress Code Reminder

During the first week of school every year, we remind our students about the dress code as many of them grow a lot over the summer. Help your student check to make sure they are dressed appropriately in the morning. Please no bare midriff shirts, see through clothing, strapless sandals, short shorts, spaghetti strap tops, or sagging pants and/or exposed underwear. Students who come to school with clothing that is not appropriate for school will be asked to call home for a change of clothes or will have to choose appropriate clothing from the extra clothing bin. If you are unsure of the dress code regulations, please consult the family handbook.


Weekly Work

Students received their Weekly Work folders this week. Inside those folders you will find all of their assignments. We will also include the assignments each week in the newsletter just in case.


All Intermediate Students

Research: Choose a Topic

Lifeskill: Friendship

Social Studies: US Regions

Writing: Summer Paragraph

Science: Ecosystems

STEM: Points, Lines, Angles



LA #1: Genres

LA #2: SRA Assessment

LA #3: 1 – Green Quickie Story

           2 – Pink Quickie Story

           3 – Orange Quickie Story

LA MobyMax: Reading Level Assessment

Spelling/Grammar: None

Math #1: Thousand Cards

Math #2: Mixed Practice C

Math #3: Unit 1-1

Math MobyMax: None



LA 1: Metaphors

LA 2: Main Idea & Details

LA 3: Scholastic Mag. Review and Graph

LA MobyMax: Assessment

Spelling: Roots-Lesson 2 & 1-2

Grammar: Helping Verbs

Math 1: Math Assessment

Math 2: Equivalent Measurements

Math 3: Computation Speed and Journey Maze

Math MobyMax: Assessment

Other:  Multiplication Flash Cards and 2 quick tests



Language Arts #1: Scholastic News

Language Arts #2: Free Write

Language Arts #3: None

LA MobyMax: Assessment

Math #1: Multi-digit Multiplication

Math #2: Multi-digit Division

Math #3: Factors

Other: Add/Subtract Fractions


Math MobyMax: Assessment


Dates to Remember:

Sept 2nd – Labor Day (No School)

Sept 6th – 2nd Cup of Coffee

Sept 10th – Picture Day

October 7th-11th – October Break